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Angry Birds Star Wars

I have every version of Angry Birds and only played in most of them no more than a dozen levels. There were always other, more interesting games that distract from the rather monotonous “Birds.” But Angry Birds Star Wars for some reason I was in the same breath. Probably all the fault of “Star Wars”

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars

Genre Angry Birds platform iOS / Android
Developer Rovio Entertainment
Publisher Rovio Entertainment

The newest and probably the best of the Angry Birds, also in the setting of Star Wars, Rovio made 33 little-known game before someone in the company had the idea to borrow and modify gameplay Worms. “Birds” began to bear the golden eggs and the number of download of different versions of Angry Birds has reached number 1 billion a joke: “mobile platform is successful, if it is Angry Birds, – has ceased to be a joke. Rovio milks “Birds” as it may, producing books, drinks, magazines, plush toys with familiar characters. However, players are completely indifferent in financial success of the developer; they just download and play Angry Birds.

Rio experiment with Angry Birds Rio has been successful, and Rovio decided to wipe the more – “Star Wars.” On the one hand, with the new trilogy but many fans upset with Lucas, because of what he, in fact, sold the company to Disney. On the other, Rovio has attempted on the sacred – the classic trilogy.

Angry Birds Star Wars
As it turned out, arranged fantastic tales in the language Angry Birds came out very touching and quite organic. Familiar characters into rounded shapes of birds, to the accompaniment of familiar music, surrounded by familiar sounds and scenery look funny, but very natural.

Red Bird was Luke Skywalker, black – Obi-Wan Kenobi, yellow – Han Solo, a large red – Chewbacca, pink – Princess Leia, blue birds – Pilots X-Wing, White – C-3PO, and the egg – R2-D2. Cast Tusken Raiders, stormtroopers, the team “Death Star”, Darth Vader and other opponents – pigs. Instead of the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds Star Wars of course, Millenium Falcon.

Angry Birds Star Wars


Transformation was absolutely logical and natural in Angry Birds Star Wars. Characters enter the game strictly in the order they appear in the film, in addition, have the same ability as their prototypes. Luke initially helpless, in a couple of levels it appears light saber, with which he can penetrate barriers and beat shots. Han Solo himself famously firing a pistol in the air. Obi-Wan, applying force pushes objects. Chewbacca is simply too big and heavy. Pilots, like blue birds from the previous parts of the game can be divided into three birds. R2-D2 has current opponents, and C-3PO explodes, torn into dangerous shards.

Angry Birds Star Wars
Gameplay Angry Birds Star Wars is a mix of all the previous projects of the series. As befits the story, there is a traditional ground-level, and space, in the style of Angry Birds Space – with planets, gravity wells, Lagrange points, debris, etc. Pigs attack aircraft able to fire back, pigs TIE-fighter – fly. Sometimes the ideal solution is to choose the level of round about way in orbit, it is sometimes easier to push debris than to beat on by the pigs, etc.


Initially in Angry Birds Star Wars only two episodes to forty levels – Tatooine and the Death Star which is literally in one night. Soon promise even and free episode Hoth. In addition, the game has a 0-day DLC – Path of the Jedi, the purchased separately. Version for Android-smartphone – free, with advertising.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD

Angry Birds Star Wars has incorporated the best of the series Angry Birds, it is really fun to play, and future updates will prolong the pleasure for a long time. The only thing I did not understand – why in the series so far there is no multiplayer or co-op. Given the incremental gameplay, it would be quite logical.
Any attempt to move away from the gameplay Rovio Angry Birds collapse. Physical puzzle Amazing Alex and even spin-off “Birds” Bad Piggies well failed, and on the spot I would Rovio will not tempt fate. After all, there are so many great old movies, which can be “shifted” to the mechanics of Angry Birds – “Indiana Jones,” “Back to the Future,” “Star Trek.” So it’s still far from over.
And the question is, to play or not to play Angry Birds Star Wars, frankly, weird. It’s “Evil Birds”, also in the setting of “Star Wars” – one that is worthy of attention.

This was all regarding the recently released Angry Birds Star Wars game of smartphone Android or iOS, so stay tuned for more updates.