Apple factory unlocked iPhone 5 on sale

Apple quietly began offering in its U.S. online store, Apple unlocked iPhone 5. A couple of days ago with the purchase of the device is a choice of the unit with a contract from one of the three U.S. mobile operators, but now in the same order form has an option to purchase the device without a contract, but, of course, more expensive. Although, the price of factory unlocked iPhone 5 will differ in different countries.

unlocked iPhone 5
In U.S. the price for factory unlocked iPhone 5 is $ 650, $ 750 and $ 850, excluding tax for the 16 -, 32 – and 64-gigabyte model, respectively.
On the other hand, in comparison with contract iPhone 5 in the U.S. is quite expensive. In addition, a competitor of Google in the face of Nexus 4 will cost without a contract in the country of triumphant capitalism, only $ 350. But the latest “Google phone” does not support LTE, even though it has LTE chip, although there are ways to activate the chip. Originally sold in the U.S. smartphone iPhone 5 with contract, although anyone could pay the operator for the full cost of the device, use it with any SIM-card.
But here is all new factory unlocked iPhone 5, you can book on official Apple site, stay tuned for more information.

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