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Apple iPad mini is coming in October after the iPhone 5

As per the latest news, low price iPad mini will be sold in October after the release of the iPhone 5 smartphone.

So Apple would use two separate events to launch their next best seller of mobility and not just one as had been rumored.

iPad mini

The information comes from the technology blog WSJ, direct dial headquarters in Cupertino and solvent medium used by Apple for that viral marketing as currently used by the great technological.

Although, there has been no confirmation from Apple’s launch of the iPad mini, that means taken for safe arrival. Industry and also from Taiwan say is already in production to achieve a rate in September four million units per month.

The iPad mini is one of the most desired devices sector polls and Apple would be preparing for the high demand and massive sales expected for this model that will compete primarily with economic as Android and Google Nexus tablet with RT Windows.

The new tablet Apple iPad mini will have a 7.85-inch screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels with a performance of storage hardware and recessed on the latest iPad. Their selling price would be between 250 and 299 dollars, stay tuned for more update regarding this massive but low priced iPad mini which will come with a bang in the market in the month of October 2012, after the launch of iPhone 5.



  1. Gridlockmanifesto says:

    I can’t wait for the mini to come out because it will fit in my pocket whereas my Galaxy 10.1 doesn’t fit at all, so I rarely take it anywhere these days. I like to have easy access to watching movies with my Blockbuster @Home that my Dish coworker showed me I can use with my Sling Adapter at home. The Adapter sends the movies and TV shows through the internet, which is convenient to watch when I’m at lunch or on the light rail on my way home.

  2. Sunny says:

    I can understand your excitement towards Apple iPad Mini, well it is going to bring a revolution. Lets see and hope for best from Apple.


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