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HTC One Mini has lot to offer

HTC One Mini phone will be an Android smartphone

There is a new trend in the Smartphone market. Every manufacturer is trying to bring a mini version of their Smartphones. Make a same look as like the Smartphone but cut down on some of the specification to cut down the price is becoming a...

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HTC to launch new phone with GDR3 update

HTC Window 8 phone with GDR3 upgrade

Windows GDR3 update Windows General Distribution Release 3 (GDR3) update is expected to be available sometimes later this year. We will see all new Windows improved phones to get launched around the same time. In GDR3 Microsoft is going to update Windows Phone 8 to...

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$99 iPhone from Apple: Is it real?

$99 phone from iPhone to be made available in different colors

The size does matters, believes Apple. The current smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy series phones are getting more popular in the user community and Apple is thinking that it may lose ground because of smaller screen sizes in its iPhones. Samsung has already overtaken Apple...

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Breaking the shackle: BBM on Androids and Apple

BlackBerry Messaging system to be available on Apple & Androids

So far only the Blackberry users used to get the advantage of the Blackberry’s Operating system and the Blackberry Messanger (BBM). Blackberry has ruled the world for so many years. However, now Apple and Android users will also be able to take advantage of BBM....

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Why Are Internet Dongles Gaining Exponential Fame?

Internet Dongles Gaining Exponential Fame

Through the current technological advancements, a lot of new and sophisticated devices have continued to emerge. These devices are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. One of the latest devices in the market today is the internet dongle. This device has proved to...

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