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Mi Wi-Fi Nano – Another Gem from the Xiaomi family


Xiaomi has created a niche for itself in the Smartphone world, with so many classy and affordable phones on their plate. With its striking features, Xiaomi rules hearts of consumers worldwide and stands 2nd on the world’s top affordable smartphones list. Xiaomi’s new venture, a...

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10 Waterproof mobile phones that ruled in 2015


Year 2015 offered a plethora of smartphones to suffice the many mobile lovers. Waterproof mobiles trended this year as it provided the much relief to the mobile user’s from their phones getting damaged due to water. Below is the list of top 10 waterproof mobile...

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Accessing “testing menu” on an Android phone

Andriod Secret Code2

Android smartphones are one of the most trending mobiles in today’s generation. Everyone is obsessed by the stylish phone varieties, colors and the ocean of features it offers. But, there certain features offered by android phones which are hidden and only people who have an...

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5 ways to make WiFi in home faster

WiFi router

WiFi issues and network problems continue to haunt us on a daily basis. However, after following some simple tips there may be ways where you can overcome this issue. Just having a good strength of network is not enough as you need a consistent way...

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