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Best Buy Insignia Flex tablet: Specs & Price

Best Buy which is the largest U.S. supermarket chain of consumer electronics, plans to start selling its own low-cost tablet. This device will come to market under the name Best Buy Insignia Flex.

Best Buy Insignia Flex

Tablet Best Buy Insignia Flex will be the competitor device to Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. This model has a 9.7-inch touchscreen display and a dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz. More technical specs are not disclosed. We only know that the battery life on a single battery charge is 10 hours. The operating system will be used is Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This tablet will be one of the best and affordable tablets in its range. Moreover, if you are looking a 10inches tablet and you can’t afford much then this would be the perfect option. According to revealed information the price of the tablet Best Buy Insignia Flex range from $ 239 to $ 259. Sales of the device will begin on November 11.