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Will small sensor size cameras shoot sharp images?

Every photographer, professional or non-professional, expects his/her photos to be of topmost quality. The general thinking is to go for more megapixel cameras to get better quality pictures. Well, it is just not the megapixels that give better pictures there are other factors also one...

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Useful DLSR Accessory: The Bluetooth Smart Trigger

Bluetooth Smart Trigger

Being a professional photographer, you would definitely want to control the camera remotely, which was missing till date in digital SLRs. Satechi’s BT Smart Trigger is a new Bluetooth device that would help you in managing your DSLR remotely. The Bluetooth Smart Trigger which is...

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Apple iWatch to interact with your iPhone

iWatch Smartwatch

Is Apple working on iWatch concept? Will it interact with your iPhone? Well, is not very clear but the rumors are on high that Apple is bringing its next big product in the market, the iWatch. Sources say that the iWatch is in experiment phase...

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