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NEC L51W Projector Specs and Review

NEC L51W is a light and compact projector which at the same time is designed to look stylish. This mobile projector comes with all the features you might need while on the go, plus an input panel which is very comprehensive. The projector comes with...

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BenQ SH940 Projector Specs and Review

SH940 is a projector from BenQ which combines the image quality that you would expect from a Full HD model with high brightness. Since improved resolution usually means a good quality of the image, the SH940 is considerably better than other models on the market....

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Google’s Glass will invade privacy? Be aware!

Google Glass

Google X Lab has worked on futuristic technologies such as driverless cars and developed Google Glass, a wearable computer with head mounted display. The Google Glass is a tiny display which resides just above the eyeline. One can view what is on the display. The...

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