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What is Sky Lake set of processors from Intel?

skylake processor from intel

When the topic of technology and new innovations, Intel cannot be left far behind. In its new innovations, Intel has come up with its latest and amazing range of processors, which is codenamed Skylake, that targets everything from some high-powered gaming rigs to also computers...

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MSI Micro-ATX Motherboard C847MS-E33

MSI-C847MS-E33 Motherboard (source:milestone-net.co.jp)

A new micro-ATX motherboard C847MS-E33 from MSI has been added by Milestone Inc. Japan to its product page. MSI Micro-ATX Motherboard C847MS-E33 Spes: It is based on Intel NM70 chipset and is equipped with a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron 847 dual-core processor, two DDR3 DIMM memory...

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AMD Opteron 3350 and Opteron 3300: Specs & Features

AMD Opteron 3350

AMD has introduced new generation of microprocessor AMD Opteron 3350 and AMD Opteron 3300, aimed at entry-level in servers, but with prices of consumption patterns. Processors AMD Opteron 3350 and AMD Opteron 3300 are made of 32-nanometer process technology to be installed in single socket...

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Intel Haswell and Intel Broadwell processors

Intel Haswell and Broadwell

Intel will say goodbye to the era ‘Tic-Tac’ in future generations of microprocessors and therefore a radical design change with the use of BGA form factor with micro soldier on the motherboard without reusability. The next generation of Intel microprocessors, Intel Haswell, will come so...

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Samsung 8-core processor development

Samsung 8-core processor

Samsung is working on new ARM chips totaling no less than 8 cores, architectures based on Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 so; it would be the first Samsung 8-core processor development. The Samsung 8-core processor development designs based on the concept -Little Big British firm ARM uniting...

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