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Smartphone Touchscreen Technology:How does it work

Smartphone Touchscreen example: Digitizer for iphone 3g 3gs

These days almost all Smartphones, tabs use a touchscreen which is sensitive to finger touch or movement. So how does a normal looking glass screen of a Smartphone become a “touch sensivive screen”? What is the Smartphone Touchscreen technology? This was my earliest experience with...

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How to run Windows XP in Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 does not have a Windows XP Mode as that offered in Windows 7 and if you want to run the system XP and older business applications or games that stand the test of time, you need to virtualize the system license. However, there...

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Tips & Tricks to Improve iPhone 4S Battery life

iPhone 4S

While it becomes impossible to live without your iPhone 4S, you must be a bit worried about the habit of the gadget eating up all the battery at inopportune times. Although some of the Apple customers have vocalized feeling persistently at odds concerning the battery...

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