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Three tips to increase the life of your SSD

SSD solid state drive life

Solid storage units, also known as SSD, are fast, produce little heat and provide access to files with virtually no latency. So there are all advantages and appoint some of the disadvantages compared to traditional hard drives such as a higher price per gigabyte or...

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HP Basic Tips for choosing a professional notebook


HP has developed an interesting infographic showing graphically the main points to consider when purchasing a business notebook. Given the difficult economic environment and high level of competitiveness in the living companies today, it is more important than ever that organizations, regardless of size or...

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How to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi access point

Wi-Fi access

Today I have brought something which could help you increasing the Wi-Fi functionality of your smart devices. We have seen that number of tablets are increasing which are equipped only with a wireless interface for Internet access (Wi-Fi). Away from the hotspots, these devices, along...

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How to root Galaxy S III

root Galaxy S III

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who has a Galaxy S3 and are initiated into this in Android. If you are looking for rooting your Android Galaxy S III then you are right place. Whether you’re an expert or new to this, it...

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Best Android tablets July 2012

Android tablet

If you are looking for a tablet but do not want an iPad, I will suggest you choose one with Android. There are also other options out there, Windows 7, the BlackBerry playbook that is already on sale and the HP TouchPad. But Android 4.0...

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