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How to print document and images from iPhone

iPhone Print

In the digital world printing is almost getting obsolete, however there is always a requirement when you need a copy of the driving direction or would like to print some e-mails or family photos from your smartphone. Hooking up to a computer for your printing...

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3D Printing – A ubiquitous technology

3D Printing

3D Printing – Print your imagination If you are a tech-geek, you must be aware and also enthusiastic about the 3D printing technology that is about to invade the markets. 3D printer is a revolution in technology that will actually imitate or duplicate any object of your choice....

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Features of the ExOne 3D Printers

ExOne has a number of 3D printers available and in this article you will learn a little bit about each one and about their capabilities. From the S-Max printer to the M-Lab, each model addresses the need of a type of company. Chances are that...

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The World’s Top 3D Printer Companies

3D printer companies have been in the public eye more than ever this past year, and they’re definitely here to stay. This technology promises a lot and the companies that offer it right now have an advantage and a good chance of making it big...

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