Embrace the new Flexible Panel technology from LG

You must have seen the flashy displays in Hollywood sci-fi movies where the display can be of various shapes and one can operate from both side back and forth. Have you imagined a display which will roll like a paper carrying in your arm from one place to another? A flexible display is the new invention that answers the question.

LG display company, the South Korean display panel makers announced this Friday to bring an 18-inch flexible display which can be rolled into a shape of a thin cylinder. This is a big invention as this will help all those big screen TVs portable. The display panel advancement can roll up the panel to just about 6 centimeter in diameter which is approximately 2.4 inch. TVs those are bigger than 50 inches diagonally can be rolled up easily.

The LG flexible display will have a resolution of 1200 pixels X 810 pixels and maintains its function even when it is rolled up. The panel used OLED technology which is used to show rich color images. As a sale strategy, LG would want its products to compete with the like of China, Japan and Taiwan and wants to give boost to its business by bringing in new flexible panel technology. The South Korean display panel maker thinks that this novel idea would catch more consumers and but the new gadget. Just to note LG has brought smartphone with flexible display last year.

LG would want to bring in opaque display and they are operating in that direction. The current flexible panel display is semi-opaque display. You will be able to see movies and images from front and back side of the display.Flexible Display

LGs aim is to develop a flexible and transparent display that measures more than 60-inches diagonally by early 2017.

It is still unclear how this new technology would help make the handsets or televisions more useful. Although LG said its technology would make large TVs portable, it left to the TV manufacturers to use of the new flexible panel technology.

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