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G-Technology G-Drive slim 3.0 external drive fast and compact: Review & Specs

This G-Technology G-Drive slim model of 500GB USB 3.0 impresses with its ultra-thin aluminium enclosure. It reaches speeds of 117 MB / s read and 96MB / s write for the transfer of large files.

G-Technology G-Drive slim 3.0 external drive

USB 3.0 model G-Technology G-Drive slim offers a 500GB capacity and peak flows of 117 MB / s read and 96MB / s write. Unfortunately, it comes without any software!

The promise

G-Technology, a subsidiary of Western Digital external hard drive offers a USB 3.0 Slimline, the G-Drive slim. With a capacity of 500 GB, it is originally designed for use with Mac OS, but can be reformatted to work with Windows.


The G-Technology G-Drive slim 500GB surprised by the smoothness of its aluminium housing: only 1.2 cm. To this end, it features an internal drive Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500, with a single tray The 500 GB external drive also impress by its black and silver design, which blends perfectly with the Apple MacBook. It is also formatted with the file system of Mac OS (HFS +), but you can reformat it to NTFS for use under Windows. The manufacturer delivers a mini-USB cable length 3.0 good, but no software. The activity LED white, placed at the rear is a bit too quiet.

A very fast disk read

Very good, disk performance G-Technology approaches those of Seagate Portable Backup Plus. For large files, we measured rates of 117.9 MB / s read and 96.3 MB / s write. This corresponds to the respective time of approximately 6 seconds to read and write 7 s to transfer a 700MB Divx. The G-Drive Slim also offers excellent rates for reading files average size: 115.2 MB / s for MP3 and 109.1 MB / s JPEG photos. However, its write speed is very modest: 54.7 MB / s for MP3 and only 18.6 MB / s JPEG photos. In comparison, the Backup Plus Portable reached respectively 65.2 MB / s and 35.1 MB / s. Nevertheless, the scores obtained by the G-Drive are better than those achieved by the Freecom Mobile Drive Sq (27 Mb / s and 10.5 MB / s), also a Slimline model.
The verdict

The G-Technology G-Drive slim external hard drive 3.0 is a success aesthetically and offers good performance with excellent speed reading and writing of large files. What a pity it is delivered without any software! This was all about the G-Technology G-Drive slim 500GB hard drive which is offered for price € 98.