Galaxy S4 with 4.99″ Full HD Super Amoled Display: Specs & Features

Samsung is going to present at the January CES show, a Super AMOLED panel next-generation 4.99-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution, for its new flagship Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4

Despite the success of the Galaxy S III smartphone, no doubt that Samsung is already working on a successor to keep it at the forefront of the mobile phone market, in size and power.

On the web many of the specs of Galaxy SIV has been revealed, according to the information it has the chip Adonis, a 28-nanometer SoC series quad-core Exynos 5400 and based on the Cortex-A15 processor, the display will also have one of the best developments, according to the latest rumors.

Samsung’s new panel would be shown at CES in January and go into production sometime in the first quarter. Have a size of 4.99 inches, a resolution of 1080 pixels and a density of 441 ppi.

Density of Samsung Galaxy S4 which certainly would beat that of the HTC DNA Droid another impressive smartphone sold by Verizon. This was all about the upcoming flagship smartphone the next generation Galaxy S4.