Have $200 thousand? Let’s go to space then: The first commercial flight of Virgin Galactic going into space in 2013

Everyone in their childhood dreamed that he or she will step out of earth one day. If you can believe, then in 2013 this is going to be true only if you can afford $200 thousands. British tycoon and Virgin founder Richard Branson Corporation officially defined the time of the first tourist flight into space. In addition, Branson said that among the first passengers will be himself and his adult children.

Virgin Galactic
Recall that a tourist flight into space, or rather, the near-earth orbit, involved in the company Virgin Galactic. With the time it is somewhat delayed, as the first commercial space flight was scheduled for 2011 but will be held in 2013 (exact date not yet known).
The flight will be on a spaceship Space-Ship-Two. It will be able to climb to an altitude of 100 km and a flight time of approximately 2.5 hours, of which the passengers will spend five minutes in zero gravity. SpaceShipTwo is designed for six passengers and two pilots. Virgin Galactic has already held several successful test flights. It should be noted that the cost is such a 2.5-hour “walk” in space is $200 thousand and 529 people have already made the reservation. Each of the passengers will be held one week training course prior to an unusual journey.

The company Virgin, or rather, its division of Virgin Oceanic has been studying the deep sea. For example, it built a manned machine, which explores the Mariana Trench.