Intel: 20 already exists Windows 8 tablets based and 140 Ultrabooks based on Atom processor

In the past, Atom processors are in high demand, as used in popular a few years ago, and still in almost every netbooks. Then came the boom of multimedia tablets and netbooks have forgotten, and hence the need for low-power, but power efficient x86-processors has decreased. Nevertheless, the story develops in a spiral and it looks like it’s time to re-Atom.


During the teleconference on the financial results of Intel in the second quarter of this year, CEO Paul Otellini noted that currently are in operation 20 tablets based on Windows 8, which are based SoC Atom generation of Clover Trail.

Clover Trail Intel
In addition, CEO Intel drew attention to the actively growing range of ultrabooks. According to him, currently there are 140 designs of such devices, although many of them are under development. For comparison, in May, Intel called the figure 110. Apart from the traditional to the release of upcoming ultrabooks have 40 sensory devices and a dozen transformers. As for the cost of end products, Otellini confident that this year the minimum price for thin and light laptops will drop to $ 700.

In terms of the financial position Intel is doing well. For the second quarter revenues for Intel were $ 13.5 billion in profit – 2.8 billion