Intel Broadwell processors will be soldered to motherboard – No replacement further

Soon users of desktop personal computers might still be unable to modernize the system by replacing the processor, because Intel Broadwell processors are going to change the standards. In any case, it is for the processors of Intel.

Intel Broadwell
Currently Intel desktop processors are made in the package LGA (land grid array). This type of implementation involves the use of a socket on the motherboard, which is installed in the processor and chip contacts are connecting with the motherboard. As a result, the user can replace one processor to another, more productive, having compatible your area. But soon this standard will be changed by Intel Broadwell.
However, according to the information, with the release of processors Intel Broadwell, which will replace the chips and Haswell will be made at rates 14-nanometer manufacturing process, Intel intends to abandon the use of packaging LGA. Processors Broadwell performance is based on BGA (ball grid array). Thus, their contacts are soldered directly to the motherboard. As a result, users will lose the possibility of upgrading the system by replacing the processor. Now BGA packaged processors used in laptops.
The company Intel has not commented on plans to stop using packaging LGA. However, two OEM collectors confirmed this information, the processors Intel Broadwell will be issued only in the performance of BGA.