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JXD S7600 tablet: Review & Specs

Android tablet are offered by a variety of brands that adopt similar configurations but each strives to offer a differentiating factor that rarely exists. In cases like JXD S7600 tablet is mostly played the trick of price, connectivity and fairly balanced benefits achieve, although some gaps seriously damage the whole.

JXD S7600 tablet

If we talk about the specs of JXD S7600 tablet which is powered with an ARM Cortex A8 processor, a 7-inch multitouch screen (with simultaneous five points), 8 Gigabytes of storage, Micro SD slot (up to 32 GBytes), OTG connection (for connecting USB peripherals and storage and support 2160P video content.

Technical specs of JXD S7600:

Manufacturer: JXD
Model: S7600
A8 processor 1 GHz
512 Mbytes RAM
8 GB internal memory
MicroSD card slot
7-inch multi-touch screen (800 x 480)
Android 4.0
3000 mAh Battery
198 x 154 x 9.6 mm, 349 gram
Price: 89.99 EUR

This JXD S7600 tablet is a quite compact tablet with a thickness below the average of these devices oriental origin. The front is made of black material while the back is white and has a slot where speaker is placed. The construction is sturdy enough, although tightening the bottom a slight crunch.

This is mainly because they have accumulated in this part all connection slots (power, HDMI, USB / OTG and headphones). Also this design decision hinders the use of the tablet when you have something which is connected and hold with the hand at the bottom (as usual thing in this area is the central control button).

When you turn the JXD S7600 device will have to wait up to 50 seconds to access the Android desktop. Normally leave the tablet at rest, but gently by the limitations of autonomy. Although the manufacturer claims four hours of use can actually use the device without recharging just over two hours (video viewing with WiFi enabled).

This is due to the energy consumption of the installed hardware and the addition of a 3,000 mAh battery, less powerful than competing models with similar characteristics. The quality of the screen is somewhat fair. Especially noticeable blurring, when you are looking at the same text as the menus.
The brightness is also something off in JXD S7600 but with some adjustments you can enjoy movies with a more than acceptable quality. The power of the tablet allows smooth playback 2160P content. The best in any case is to use the HDMI output to enjoy in terms of content.
The package of JXD S7600 includes a headphone (kept in a sealed plastic bag), USB cable for data transfer (cannot be used for recharging) and OTG Cable for connecting external devices. The response of the tablet with respect to processing speed is very good both in games and other applications.

Overall the value for money of the product is good. One need only consider the disadvantages in regard to the quality of the display and the battery. Furthermore connectivity of JXD S7600 tablet is excellent.