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Kaspersky Lab: spam rate in October 2012 was a record low

According to Kaspersky Lab, the percentage of spam in mail traffic in October 2012 decreased compared to September by 4.5% and averaged 68%. Thus, at the moment, this was the lowest since the beginning of the year. However, the danger with spam remained fairly high: the proportion of emails with malicious attachments in the past month was 3.25%, which is only 0.15% lower than in September.

Kaspersky Lab spam rate report


The most current topics of advertising spam in October became the fall and winter holidays, as well as the U.S. presidential election. Fraudsters have traditionally tried not only to force users to fork over some goods, but also to obtain personal information, lured to a phishing site. Especially it is exploiting the political topic. Contrivances used for that very different: for example, in the midst of the election campaign, spammers offer users to express their assumption about who will be the next president of the United States, and a response become the owner of Visa gift card for $ 250.


Phishing attacks on social network in October decreased by 10.23%, so that the social media is moved from the first line of the rating, which they occupied during the summer months, on the fourth. However, after the traditional summer lull, the share of phishing attacks on the financial and payment organizations (2.85%), as well as online shopping and online auctions (5.42%). The purpose of all these attacks, of course, was to get to the personal information for access to its payment systems.


As for the source countries of spam being distributed around the world, lead by a wide margin still hold China and the U.S., who send more than half (58%) of all the junk mail. However Runet users, much of this correspondence comes from India (16.9%) and Vietnam (15.7%), while China and the U.S. take in the ranking only third and ninth place respectively.