LaCie PetiteKey USB key finds its place in your keychain: Review & Specs

With a metal casing, the LaCie USB 2.0 looks like a real key and LaCie PetiteKey USB key is only 4 cm long. It has a capacity of 8 to 32 GB.

LaCie PetiteKey USB key

LaCie launches a new USB drive that looks like a real key lock. The concept is not new – LaCie already offers several models of this type – but LaCie Petite key USB key is distinguished by its size. It is indeed 30% smaller than the iamaKey of the same manufacturer (4.1 cm against 5.7 cm in length). The metal is waterproof to 100 meters and its USB connector provides excellent scratch resistance.

With a USB 2.0 interface, LaCie Petite key USB key offers capacities of 8 GB (14.99 euros), 16 GB (24.99 euros) and 32 GB (39.99 euros). It comes with the program for Private-Public encryption to protect sensitive data and a 1-year subscription to store your data in the cloud with Wuala capacity identical to that of the key.

LaCie PetiteKey USB key
+The small size
+The metal housing

-The lack of USB 3.0

This was all regarding the LaCie PetiteKey USB key with special design, stay tuned for more complete review of this pen drive.