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LG D2343P IPS Passive 3D Monitor: Complete Review & Specs

The monitor LG D2343P combines IPS technology and polarized 3D display. With a diagonal of 23 inches, it displays Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels.

For a very tight, LG offers a screen with an IPS panel with wide viewing angles and a 3D display polarized already less convincing.

LG D2343P

The ASUS VG23AH from Asus and LG D2343P are currently the only two displays with an IPS (In-plane Switching) equipped with a polarized 3D display technology, called “passive”. The LG model is cheaper, but it is also less generous in terms of equipment. We therefore examined whether pulls out of the game by providing the essentials: a good display quality 2D and 3D.


At first glance, this LG D2343P monitor reflects its status as entry level. Basic design, black plastics, the D2343P is not the noblest of the market but its assembly is correct. We especially regret its foot very simplistic, without height adjustment. This is particularly troublesome for detail screen with polarized viewing angles are very restrictive in 3D mode.

LG D2343P

Displayed correctly after a few adjustments

Like all IPS monitors, the LG D2343P offers very wide viewing angles and suffers from a contrast ratio of a little weakling (measured at 840:1 with a brightness of 198 cd / m 2). In addition, the backlight is not homogeneous, a defect that is also found on many recent IPS screens at low prices. It will therefore decrease the brightness of LG D2343P to shade light leaks. Last detail, the glossy coating of the slab is sensitive to glare, which is a shame.

LG D2343P

In terms of image rendering, this LG monitor is slightly less well adjusted than its direct competitor, the Asus VG23AH. The colors, however, remain loyal and well disciplined shades of gray (DeltaE of 2.8). It will however adjust the gamma of the screen to 2.0 to measure real value of 2.2 with correct our optical probe. We also changed the channel settings of primary colors for a white 6500 ° K (48 red, green and blue to 43 to 47).

The IPS panel of this monitor is not the most responsive we could test, but its persistence will suit the vast majority of players. Careful, do not enable especially the overdrive of the screen as a menu option, it is much too strong and therefore causes a strong persistence effect reversed (reverse ghosting).

A 3D passive equal to itself: unconvincing

Regarding the rendering of 3D LG D2343P monitor, it uses a passive technology that we now know well. This system offers generally the same qualities and defects. It is easy to implement, with small glasses that do not require battery. The 3D looks as passive without eyestrain and can potentially provide a sharp image, without duplication. But then, several shortcomings severely limit its appeal.

First, this technique divides the vertical resolution of the image pairs. Full HD is impossible, as it is displayed in 1920 x 540 pixels instead of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Then, the polarized 3D is limited by a very narrow viewing angle. The image is doubled very quickly if the user is not well placed in front of the screen. Unable to get a completely clear picture if, it is too close to monitor. We must place more than 1.20 m from the screen to get rid of duplication across the entire surface of the image. And at that distance, a 23 inch becomes very small.

Finally, note that the passive 3D technology is not supported by nVidia’s 3D Vision solution, which is currently the best display solution for 3D video games. It will go through the HDMI 1.4 for Blu-ray players and TriDef solution for PC gamers, a software environment not yet really succeeded, but developing rapidly.

The verdict

In short, this monitor is able to get attractive prices with a very tight, below 200 euros. But there is no miracle in terms of equipment and ergonomics. Nevertheless, its IPS panel, and especially its price, it can easily get four stars out of Five. If you have any query regarding this LG D2343P monitor then feel free to ask.


  1. ligou jacques says:

    This monitor is really good and I will give the grade 9/10. The stand is rather limited regarding the height adjustment, otherwise I would give 10/10 !
    In the 2D mode we get the required quality for a monitor devoted to usual tasks: programming, word processing, etc…The color ajustments proposed by the reviewer are almost useless.

    Let me talk about 3D. I fully disagree with the reviewer sentence “Full HD is impossible, as it is displayed 1920×540 pixels…”. This usual statement can lead to wrong interpretations
    – it is true that eyes only see 540 horizontal lines, BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT FOR EACH EYE.; finally all 1080 lines are displayed, so we have a kind of Interlaced HD video.

    One cannot write anything about passive 3D without comparisons with other 3D approaches;
    – with the active 3D, each eye sees 1080 horizontal lines BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME and the shutter glasses are expansive, heavy and require a battery.

    Let me come back to the D2343P monitor. I have used in the past the D2342P one and there were still a few drawbacks: possible crosstalks, required central position for viewing, etc…So I can measure today the improvements made by LG with its 43 serie. I own 30 3DBlu-Rays and I cannot see crosstalks, even on subtitles which are very sensitive to this kind of drawback.

    The conversion 2D-3D is also better than what I could get with PowerDVD11. The choices are easily made with buttons well located at the bottom of the screen.
    There is still a constrain on the viewing distance. I found that 1.30m is a good value and for this reason I have purchased the D2743P in Corea a few weeks ago (not available in Europe at that time). Of course in the 2D mode this constrain is no longer required.

    Finally I strongly recommend this monitor.

    Jacques Ligou

  2. Sunny says:

    Thanks Jacques Ligou!

    Your comment is appreciable and valuable, it will help other readers.

    Once again, Thanks.

    Stay tuned for more updates and your further comments will also be appreciable.


  3. ligou jacques says:

    As I said before I like very much this monitor. I have used it with many sources, SBS included but I have a question about Blu-Rays.
    I bought two blu-rays “Hugo Cabret”: 2D version and 3D version. For Playback, I use PowerDVD11 in both cases and to get 3D display I press the 3D button at the bottom of the screen “the second one from the left”… In both cases I get good results, but I don’t see big differences, although a BD3D contains more informations with the specific ssif files?

    Any comment would be appreciated

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