LIFX – LED-lamp, control from your smartphone

We have become accustomed to the news with Kickstarter, on the financing of remakes of classic games but the service and many other unusual projects.


For example, LIFX – LED-light, which can be controlled by Wi-Fi from any smartphone on iOS and Android. Do not just turn on and off, and change the color even, including a timetable, to turn to color music, etc. etc.
One LED-lamp LIFX $ 69 costs a lot, but it screws into any ceiling and saves energy. However, the important thing here is not saving.
Creator LIFX, Phil Bos, planned to raise $ 100 thousand for the production of light bulbs and scored another $ 1,313,693 a month before the end of a round of financing.
Incidentally, this is not the first project of Phil, another, Scanbox – stand for easy scanning of documents with your smartphone, gathered a few months ago at $ 184.499 in terms of just $ 12,500.

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