Microsoft rolls out new version of calendar with sharing options

Those who remember the hotmail days and how Sabeer Bhatia made millions from selling it to Microsoft know that Microsoft has started winding down Hotmail.

Extremely popular during its time, over the period, I stopped using my mail account there and moved to other providers.

Microsoft first launched the email service in last July and as of February, is said to have 60 million users. It got great response and upto a million users signed up in less than a day so that is less surprising.

Back to what we are letting you know is: Microsoft has rolled out out a major redesign for its calendar. In the new fresh looking design, adding and editing events on the calendar is easier with one-click access. Day view is presented just by selecting the date. You can also share the calendar with friends and family (using new “Share” menu to send email or link.) and import the .ics files.

Other key features include compatibility with ActiveSync and integration with social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. calendar

The new look calendar in on same lines as the updated Windows 8 Calendar app.

The calendar also supports weather / holidays. However, this service is not supported in all geographies.

The new look Outlook is rolling out starting today and it will be available to all users in a week or so.