Mozilla’ upcoming web payment API for Firefox OS: What problem is it trying to solve?

Mozilla states that the goal of web payment API for Firefox OS is to “enable web content to collect payment (or issue a refund) for a virtual good via the navigator.mozPay() function.”

navigator.mozPay() is a Javascript API developed: “inspired by” Google Wallet, but with a key difference: it will allow direct carrier billing and support for various payment providers. Target is to create a common API to make online payments by working with various payment vendors and the W3C standards body.

Ehen users click on the ‘Buy’ button from within a web app, they’ll be presented with a window. They will use this to complete the purchase, with the complete transaction taking place “in-app.” Refunds are not yet supported by the navigator.mozPay API. At a future date, an Application may be able to request a refund.

The payment API in the first batch of Firefox OS for smartphones will feature a some of approved payment providers- Mozilla hopes will eventually change this as this API evolves and becomes more secure.

Currently there are established payment platforms like paypal, so addition of such new APIs will offer new choices to consumers and developers.

You can find more details about how to implement and test the current version of this API at: