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Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita Version

Recently, developers of Need for Speed Most Wanted announced the awaiting PS Vita version. And today we get the chance to bring the review of Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita and must recognize the great work by EA and Criterion Games put on the market one of the best arcade driving this year and, without doubt, the best PS Vita catalog.

Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita
• Need for Speed: Most Wanted
• Criterion Games and EA Games
• Genre: arcade driving
• Platform: PS Vita
• Online Mode
• Web: www.needforspeed.com
• Price: 39,90 euros
In Need for Speed Most Wanted history, there is almost no argument and, from minute one, and the game offers us an immense stage to explore full of challenges of all kinds: race, skill tests, persecutions, street circuits and more varied spread for a map and hundreds of kilometers to drive.

What has worked as the miracle? In our opinion, the guys at Criterion Games have chosen the right path by putting the return on any other factor. A game like this one is fun with an acceptable frame rate without stoppages and the sense of speed of old-school arcade games, aspects that Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita kept intact.

To be honest, the game not looks in PS Vita as a console (and much less like a PC) but the cuts were made so we cannot notice much difference. So, we will see lower resolution textures, some empty and some scenarios with lighting tricks, but no problems with viewing distance (again, key in the genre), the physics are great and everything looks really fluid. It shows much the expertise of Criterion Games in making Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita.

To rate should take an appropriate reference and, to be fair, and technical section of this Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita game is years ahead of what real competition offers PS Vita: smartphones, tablets and the Nintendo 3DS.

Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita is, above all, a very fun game. Combining a perfect control and a very smooth difficulty curve (always have several challenges to choose from) both do great for a quick game to dive into story mode or fight in the online. In a new right decision, developers ignore the touch control, only using it to navigate menus and change songs.

Fans will recognize that this Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita game has a lot of Burnout, the saga arcade exalted to Criterion Games. We miss minor details, like the ability to tune the car a bit more or need to continually changing vehicle to advance (there are five tests for each) although this can also be seen as an advantage that extends the duration of game.


As promised Criterion Games, Need for Speed Most Wanted is a carbon copy of the desktop version. There have been cuts in the technical section, but always in favor of extending the gameplay and the game is intact. At dozens of hours we can have in the way of a player to join the online challenge, which integrates with the game and offers an experience that can extend many months while we beat the records of friends and strangers.

Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita marks the way forward for racing games on PS Vita and, for the first look at a few titles, demonstrates the tremendous hardware that Sony put into this machine. Absolutely recommended for fans of speed and in our opinion it is one of the five best games available for the portable.

This was all regarding Need for Speed Most Wanted PS Vita game, buy the game and enjoy racing.