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Nexus 4 most powerful smartphone – Bechmark Test

Google Nexus series is emerging all around the globe with the new innovation and devices; today we are specifically going to talk about recently announced LG Nexus 4 which we could say that it will become the flagship in Nexus range. The device comes on the heels of Google and LG as we know is a paragon of hardware and software, so that according to the new updates of the benchmarks may be the most powerful smartphone on the market.

Nexus 4
And although the Nexus 4 device has not yet gone on sale, and some people have been able to have it in their power to give relevant evidence, but in the first benchmarks of this terminal was a performance very low, even lower than its terminal the new LG Optimus G, with a very similar hardware was getting much better results. The mystery is that devices that were tested, to be prototypes, not give the maximum that will end terminal, so that whenever testing models are closer to the final release, the data obtained are superior.

Nexus 4
And this is what happened, as there has been an update in GLBenchmarks scores, which in the case of the Nexus 4 has increased its score, which indicates that either have been tested with either end units are approaching them.
Surprisingly scores placed the new Nexus 4 as the most powerful of all smartphones on the market, ahead of the Galaxy S3 or Apple iPhone series, which does not surprise us as the technical characteristics of the device are amazing.
This however, is only in theory, and then to implement it when things change a lot, and is in daily use is chosen where sparsely most powerful smartphone on the market, and that comes into play such important variables as for example the battery.

Nexus 4
Anyway, this continues to be good news, and we are glad that Android is always ahead of all terminals, and especially the Nexus range, you could say it’s currently the only pure Android terminal, which also saves a perfect balance in money, and that with respect to the relationship with their customers, Google is the company that best carries in the Android alliance, so we always say, we hope that other companies will follow in their wake and not astray in other ways.

This was all regarding the Nexus 4 benchmark results which show that this new Google Nexus smartphone is the most powerful smartphone of the market but nothing can be confirmed till the official sales.