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RIM may be divided and partly sold

In past we have heard regarding the problems in business of RIM and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the company could be sold. But if look upon the previously discussed options that some of the more successful players in the market may buy it entirely, you now have information about a possible division of the BlackBerry Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry.

As reported by Reuters, referring to the data Sunday Times, RIM will be allocating its business to develop and manufacture smartphones in a separate structure. At the moment, this part is experiencing serious difficulties, while the company’s services, including BBM, BIS and BES, feels good and generating income.
Thus, RIM can get rid of unprofitable parts of the business, focusing on the development of its network and services. Moreover, the source even named potential buyers; two of them are Facebook and Amazon. In addition, some other companies which may buy it is Microsoft.

Since last month, the Canadian developer is actively cooperating with the RBC and JP Morgan, which helps in developing a strategy for further action and a variant of the division – is the result of their work. Among other features considered licensing RIM network technologies to third parties or their sale. It is expected that some of the above actions may occur before the end of this summer, that is, before the release of long-term flagship BlackBerry 10 new software platform.