Sony’s new Lightning-friendly speaker dock SRS-GC11IP with alarm clock and radio

After Apple launched its new , there are slew of comapnies and products that are supporting it. Those who are not familiar, Lightning is Apple’s new eight-pin connector. It is smaller than the existing 30-pin connector and is about the same size as a micro USB.

Since its part of new iPhone 5, although not every company would have liked it, considering the premium market position enjoyed by Apple products in the market, hardware companies are following the suit.

Sony is launching its new speaker dockĀ  SRS-GC11IP in Japan (with alarm clock and radio) to support current-gen iOS device. This has a 0.8W speaker without any features like Bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi. Its useful features are alarm clock and AM / FM radio. Importantly, it also has the abilility to play tunes straight from a Lighting-ready iDevice. It also can be used to charge the iPod and iPhone 5.

Sony SRS-GC11IP Speaker Dock


Having lighterning adapter support makes it convenient to consumers since they may already have their favourite stuff loaded on their iPhones.

SRS-GC11IP connecting slot has a cover that opens and closes to protect from dust when not in use. It also has a sleep timer allowing user to auto turn off the radio or music.

The speaker dock comes with its own remote control. SRS GC11IP price at Sony Japan is 6,980 Japanese Yen (around US$71). Keep tuned for the release date and pricing information in North America and Europe.