Sophos Antivirus has autodetected as virus

The latest update of virus signatures Sophos Antivirus gave the alarm to all users of the same as it detects a large number of harmless files as Java update files, Adobe Flash or antivirus components thereof.

Sophos Antivirus

The case is an example of those curious false, positives that appear from time to time and you may be surprised, or blush, or directly go crazy to system administrator’s automatic alerts bombarded on a false problem.

The matter was resolved with a functional update, issued later, although everybody including corporate networks was not affected and endpoints were updated properly because the required functionality has been sent to quarantine.

Sophos has published a guide to solve the problem with the appropriate apologies. It has been explained, however, the control failure to reach an update client defective. So, this was all about Sophos Antivirus whose recent update makes it crazy that it was detecting itself as virus, in past you may have suffered from same problem with some other antivirus.

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