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Expected Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Just recently Samsung Galaxy S4 speculation which appeared in current week and it is fairly to the point regarding Samsung must be focusing on their upcoming worldwide popular smartphone. Let’s get started, you will find discussions and rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 giving up a...

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Over 5 million of Galaxy Note II are sold

Galaxy Note II

Halfway between a smartphone from the largest and one of the smaller tablet the invention of Samsung Galaxy Note to think, a lot. In fact, the second iteration of the product has doubled the sales of the first pitch. In this case we are talking...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on the way now

Galaxy S3 Mini

As we know many things in life are a matter of size, and the phones are one of them. Recently, Samsung flagship Galaxy S III has broken many of the record of sales and demands and now Samsung has understood the advantage of Galaxy SIII...

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