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Panasonic HXD5 headphones: Review & Specs

Panasonic HXD5

Panasonic HXD5 headset is lightweight and comfortable, but delivers a flat. Design, mainly plastic, is not a guarantee of robustness.   The promise Panasonic offers a lightweight headset in its range Urban Lifestyle. According to the manufacturer, the headphones Panasonic HXD5 offers excellent comfort thanks...

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Apple iPod touch 5 Review & Specs

iPod touch 5

Apple iPod touch 5 is conceived originally as a music player with the ability to view the video then eventually turned into a Pocket PC, a compact bar, a game console, and most importantly – a much cheaper alternative to the iPhone. So it is...

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Sony MDR-XB600 Headphones: Review & Specs

Sony MDR-XB600

Sony MDR-XB600 is sold for 70 euros, it closed headphones offer sound quality average because the bass is too present. However, it is comfortable to use. These Sony foldable headphones are comfortable and isolate well from the outside. The promise Sony offers foldable headphones for...

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Sennheiser Amperior Headphones: Review & Specs

Sennheiser Amperior

The Sennheiser Amperior headphones is premium audio solution, it is touted as very comfortable and light by its creator. With this remote on the headphones, control Apple products and the bad thing is that it is priced at 299 euros. This headset is communicating high-end...

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