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HTC One Mini has lot to offer

HTC One Mini phone will be an Android smartphone

There is a new trend in the Smartphone market. Every manufacturer is trying to bring a mini version of their Smartphones. Make a same look as like the Smartphone but cut down on some of the specification to cut down the price is becoming a...

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HTC to launch new phone with GDR3 update

HTC Window 8 phone with GDR3 upgrade

Windows GDR3 update Windows General Distribution Release 3 (GDR3) update is expected to be available sometimes later this year. We will see all new Windows improved phones to get launched around the same time. In GDR3 Microsoft is going to update Windows Phone 8 to...

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HTC One XL Smartphone Review and Features


HTC One XL smartphone incorporates the main features of the high-end smartphone One X. Only difference with the One X: a Qualcomm processor (against Nvidia Tegra 3) and compatibility with the mobile network Dual Carrier (42 Mbit / s) and 4G being deployed. To be...

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