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Intel NUC Nettop from $ 300: Specs & Features

Intel NUC

Intel has announced the launch of the Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing), minicomputers basis for the giant chip on brand marketing, after the success of developments as Raspberry Pi. Yes, forget the $35 Raspberry Pi because the Intel NUC will have nothing to do...

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Foxconn nT-i1250 Nettop: Specs & Features

Foxconn nT-i1250

Foxconn nT-i1250 Nettop: Specs & FeaturesFoxconn has announced the release of a new nettop in the line NanoPC. This time, we are talking about Foxconn nT-i1250 is a barebone-system, which allows the user to choose and install some components. Introduced new product Foxconn nT-i1250 based...

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GIGABYTE GB-TCD Nettop: Specs & Features


GIGABYTE is preparing to launch a new Barebone nettop called GIGABYTE GB-TCD targeting both the corporate market and the consumer. The GB-TCD measures 245 x 180 x 40 mm (mini-ITX) and is based hardware platform Intel Cedar Trail, with N10 chipset and the third generation...

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Zotac ZBOX ID84 Nettop: Review & Specs

Zotac ZBOX ID84

Zotac ZBOX ID84 Nettop is the latest arrival in the Nettop markey this new nettop which is available both as a finished system, and as a barebone-system, which allows the user to install some components. Zotac ZBOX ID84 is equipped with a processor Intel Atom...

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