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All about Android Operating System


Android is the most powerful operating system launched by Google Inc. and it is an open source platform that is available on wide range of Smart phones these days. This operating system comes with several benefits. This operating system seems highly customizable for some people,...

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BlackBerry 10 coming on January 30

BlackBerry 10

The Canadian manufacturer RIM announced finally the launch of the new operating system BlackBerry 10 for smartphones and tablets and the release special event to be held on January 30, 2013. Although the release date (after several delays) is in line with the latest promises...

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Official Windows 8 Boxes Unmasked

Windows 8 Pro

The British division of Amazon, has listed some of the versions of Windows 8, showing the boxes and box-art of them as well as confirmation of a retail version in hardware. Among the issues listed can find Windows 8 Pro Pack, Update standard version to...

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Reasons to upgrade or not to Windows 8

Windows 8

WThe debate is open and the new Microsoft operating system will surprise a few. Is it worth upgrading a PC with Windows 7? Will Windows 8 Will a new Vista against Apple in the tablet industry? Are you too focused on touch devices versus desktop...

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