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BlackBerry PlayBook LTE 4G connectivity

BlackBerry PlayBook LTE 4G

After rumors of a possible tablet 10 inches just received information about the launch of BlackBerry Playbook LTE 4G by RIM. As you can guess by reading its name, this tablet boasts 4G-LTE connectivity. BlackBerry Playbook LTE 4G tablet Will be available on August 9...

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BlackBerry bought by Microsoft?

Following poor financial results, a wave of departures at the head of the company, delayed BlackBerry 10, thousands of layoffs planned … Microsoft is in as the savior of RIM. Is it too late? RIM does not stop from sinking. After the disastrous quarterly results,...

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RIM may be divided and partly sold

In past we have heard regarding the problems in business of RIM and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the company could be sold. But if look upon the previously discussed options that some of the more successful players in the market may...

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