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Performance Tests: iPhone 5 crushes Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III

Both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III are the heavyweight smartphone of present market today. Let’s see how they behave in several synthetic benchmarks like SunSpider JavaScript 0.9.1, GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt or performance LTE via SpeedTest.net. Anyway, iPhone 5 passes by the performance flagship Galaxy...

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T-Mobile Galaxy S III in black announced

T-Mobile Galaxy S III black

The American division of the operator T-Mobile has shown in an animation on top of the range of Samsung smartphones with the expected housing in black, elegant color finish against the white and ‘bland’ blue-gray release. In this case we are talking about T-Mobile Galaxy...

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How to root Galaxy S III

root Galaxy S III

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who has a Galaxy S3 and are initiated into this in Android. If you are looking for rooting your Android Galaxy S III then you are right place. Whether you’re an expert or new to this, it...

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