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Sony has sold 70 millions of PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

The Sony PlayStation 3 has not repeated the success of previous home consoles, but is not in bad shape. The Japanese company has just announced that they have sold 70 millions of PlayStation 3. Launched in November 2006, it was not until several years later...

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Sony Xperia tablet S: Review & Specs

Sony Xperia tablet S

The new Sony Xperia tablet S stands out for its original applications provided by the manufacturer, its successful design – and end with elegance – and its ease of use. It only suffers from one major flaw: too tight battery backup over its competitor’s brand....

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Sony Vaio SVE11 Netbook: Review & Specs

Sony Vaio SVE11

This small ultraportable Netbook Sony Vaio SVE11 is sold 450 euros. The AMD chip is suitable for common applications (surfing, office, video, etc..). Battery thickens a bit this Vaio, but it provides more than 4 hours of video playback. Ideal for travel, this small Sony...

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Sony MDR-XB600 Headphones: Review & Specs

Sony MDR-XB600

Sony MDR-XB600 is sold for 70 euros, it closed headphones offer sound quality average because the bass is too present. However, it is comfortable to use. These Sony foldable headphones are comfortable and isolate well from the outside. The promise Sony offers foldable headphones for...

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