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OCZ Vector SSD series: Specs & Features

OCZ Vector SSD

OCZ is one of the leading and famous manufacturers in SSDs, has expanded its catalog with new series thick OCZ Vector SSD which is remarkable for its great performance and the manufacturer’s own driver. No doubt, that all ultraportable computing devices going to opt SSD...

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Intel SSD 525 for ultrabooks: Specs & Features

Intel SSD 525

The chip giant Intel has just announced a new model miniPCIe format SSD mSATA interface, Intel SSD 525. This unit is perfect for ultrabooks since it avoids the need for traditional format housing i.e. 2.5″ equipment and can be integrated in much thinner space. The...

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Transcend ESD200 external SSD: Specs & Features

Transcend ESD200

Transcend has introduced a new portable drive Transcend ESD200, providing high-speed performance. This new Transcend ESD200 product is made in a small package, which contains the solid state drive instead of a hard drive, as in most similar solutions. Capacity of SSD can be 128...

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Everspin ST-MRAM the first memory chip: Specs & Features

Everspin ST-MRAM

Everspin Company announced the world’s first memory chips Spin-Torque Magnetoresistive RAM would be called as Everspin ST-MRAM, which are positioned as an alternative to non-volatile memory subsystems DRAM. New memory provides enough performance. On assurances of developers, the memory of Everspin ST-MRAM has 500 times...

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