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Ubuntu One is released in Mac OS X in beta form

Ubuntu One

The client Ubuntu One storage service and file synchronization Canonical for GNU / Linux Ubuntu, is now available for Mac OS X in beta. Ubuntu One, which is installed by default in all versions of Ubuntu, initially came to Windows. Later, its mobile applications for...

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ZaReason UltraLap 430, the first Linux ultrabook

ZaReason UltraLap 430

There is not much supply of computers with Linux preinstalled, but more and more brands, large and small, offering products with some of the existing distributions, on desktops or laptops. In the land of ultrabooks, however, ZaReason serves as a pioneer with its model ZaReason...

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Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu will be available soon

Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu

Dell is planning to make your Project Sputnik accessible to mainstream consumers, although earlier, it had been targeted solely for developers. This “project” means itself ultrabook Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu (a preinstalled operating system Ubuntu Linux 12.04) with additional software. The demand for this...

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