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Intel SSD 525 for ultrabooks: Specs & Features

Intel SSD 525

The chip giant Intel has just announced a new model miniPCIe format SSD mSATA interface, Intel SSD 525. This unit is perfect for ultrabooks since it avoids the need for traditional format housing i.e. 2.5″ equipment and can be integrated in much thinner space. The...

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Optical drives for ultrabooks, 3.7 mm thinner

optical drives for ultrabooks

Taiwan manufacturers have now developed a new optical drive for CDs and DVDs -lector/grabador – that has been designed keeping in mind to the handle ultrabooks thicknesses, i.e. moves from traditional 12.7mm thickness to portable units at 9 millimeters. If we talk about the history,...

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ZaReason UltraLap 430, the first Linux ultrabook

ZaReason UltraLap 430

There is not much supply of computers with Linux preinstalled, but more and more brands, large and small, offering products with some of the existing distributions, on desktops or laptops. In the land of ultrabooks, however, ZaReason serves as a pioneer with its model ZaReason...

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Sony VAIO T13 Ultrabook: Complete Review & Specs

Sony VAIO T13

We were surprised by the Sony VAIO T13 Ultrabook because of its price. The Japanese are encouraged to compete in the input range, putting a computer on the market carefully designed, acceptable specifications and some interesting detail below 900 euros. Sony to cut costs ignores...

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