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Breaking the shackle: BBM on Androids and Apple

BlackBerry Messaging system to be available on Apple & Androids

So far only the Blackberry users used to get the advantage of the Blackberry’s Operating system and the Blackberry Messanger (BBM). Blackberry has ruled the world for so many years. However, now Apple and Android users will also be able to take advantage of BBM....

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WhatsApp: 10,000 million messages per day


The popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp, it is becoming more and their creators just made public a figure in case anyone had doubts: 10,000 million messages are managed by the service each day. The figure includes 4,000 million received and 6,000 million sent messages. Why...

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Best Android Messenger 2012

Android Messenger

Smart phones are used for various tasks, and traditional phone calls are not necessarily the first item in this list. There are better communications options in smartphone that are available for a great; one of the major is Instant Messaging, or IM. This requires only...

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