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How to run Windows XP in Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 does not have a Windows XP Mode as that offered in Windows 7 and if you want to run the system XP and older business applications or games that stand the test of time, you need to virtualize the system license. However, there...

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Windows XP is 11 years old since its launch

Windows XP

The date Microsoft has chosen 26th October 2012 for the global launch of Windows 8 is singular: On this day 11 years ago made appearance the Windows XP, a system that received much criticism initially, but has become the most long-lived of the company. In...

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Windows 7 has become more popular than Windows XP

Windows 7

According to a study of the market of operating systems, which was conducted by Net Applications, Windows 7 finally is surpassed by popularity already outdated version of Windows XP. Thus, the market share of Windows 7 in August 2012 increased by 0.51 percentage points compared...

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