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Top 10 Apple Mac Apps For Bloggers To Consider

Many bloggers are more familiar with the services used for web browser. They publish the materials by using cloudware that is the traditional way. Through the advancements in technology, some bloggers have also grown and cope up with the innovation thus learned to use software in blogging. For bloggers using Mac, there are several apps that are useful, worthwhile and powerful than any other webware.

Apple Mac apps for Bloggers

Useful Mac Apps for Bloggers

  1. Flock

This software is perfect for bloggers and it is also a browser that uses Mozilla platform. The good thing about this application is that it allows easy access to social media. Likewise, you can also share cool web pages and photos easily.

  1. Mars Edit

Another Mac app for bloggers is the Mars Edit that features user-friendly interface. The interface is easy to learn and it is also compatible with Blogger, Drupal, Type Vox and LiveJournal. It can also integrate with other text editors such as TextMate and BBEdit.

  1. Blog.Mac

This application is ideal for blogging as it makes everything a lot easier. The Blog.78Mac offers much better operating system. If you want to use this application you can get it free from Largemouth software to spend dollars purchasing it.

  1. ecto

This is a multi-service editor that helps blogger from one point to another. It also involves various services that support blogging. You can obtain the version 3 available in the market for five years.

  1. Blogo

Blogo was introduced by Brain juice and it offers a long list of blogging services. Using this application allows the user to publish any media quickly. Likewise, you can also publish your Twitter messages and Ping.fm with the blog feed. The user can produce work in a full screen mode without any destruction.

  1. Mac Journal

Mac Journal is not only ideal for journaling but also for blogging. It provides an option of utilizing color making your work colorful. It is expensive but it values your money by giving the best performance.

  1. iWeb plus MobileMe

This application presents its own webpage editor and website. The user can control the setup when publishing the blog. However, if you want to upgrade and make the most of the Apple experience, you need to spend $99 per year so that you can take advantage with MobileMe hosting as well as photo gallery access.

  1. RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver allows the user to blog in a unique way and with limitless options. Likewise, you can also post your blog for a long period within the environment set by RapidWeaver.

  1. Fluid

It is a powerful webclip creator allowing users to access the web applications without visiting the URL in Camino or Firefox.

  1. Tumblr Dashboard Widget

It is a lightweight Dashboard application that is a compliment for publishing blog.

Bloggers should try any of those Mac apps in order to take advantage new experience in blogging.

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