Upgrading Wi-Fi Direct will make the standard more friendly to users and developers

Standard for wireless data transfer, Wi-Fi Direct , the Wi-Fi Alliance organization has been approved in 2009 and in 2010 began certification of the device, but so far it has not conquered the market. The reason is simple – there are no clear arrangements for implementing its interface with the result that there are incidents in the use of technology. In the near future Wi-Fi Alliance plans to solve the problem.

Wi-Fi direct

As CEO, said Edgar Figueroa organizations the near future – is 12-18 months. During that period will be taken to a more rigid standardization of Wi-Fi Direct and implement a simplified interface to work with him, according to PCWorld.
Recall that the main feature of Wi-Fi Direct is the possibility of direct communication between devices supporting this technology to communicate, whether it’s media content, or any files. You do not need to be in a Wi-Fi network. In fact, they form their own little network and exchange information. Technology has been a long time to replace Bluetooth, and nothing has changed. One example of emerging difficulties with this technology – this is when the room has a printer that supports Wi-Fi Direct, and it translates the data on its presence to all devices in the area, even those that do not support this technology, which causes interference.

The updated form of a Wi-Fi Direct such complications should not occur, which will contribute to the active development of technology and its dissemination, confident leadership of Wi-Fi Alliance.