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Will Firefox operating system for smartphones challenge Android?

If you ask who ruled the last 2 years in the mobile device world, the answer would be Android devices. Due to its open operating platform and ease of use lot of mobile companies adopted Google’s Android operating system and brought the mobile devices into the market. Samsung is the leader in these devices. Five years ago Samsung was lesser known in the mobile market. In smartphone business Nokia was the leader whereas in business phones BlackBerry from RIM was leading the market. However, by introducing smartphones with android operating system Samsung has changed the way people started looking at smartphones.

There is a fierce competition between Samsung and Apple in the smartphone arena. Because of Android many mobile companies entered into mobile handset manufacturing business and because of the competition the smartphone has become affordable for a common people. Even at $200 one can avail the latest smartphone with good features.

In mobile business Android has approximately 70% share, then comes Nokia and RIM operating system. To compete and challenge the Google Android operating system Mozilla Firefox, the Internet browser company, is brining a new operating system. The mobile that will have the Firefox OS (operating system) will be ready in market by July this year. 13 different companies around the world had shown confidence in the Firefox operating system.

Firefox OS

According to Firefox, the new operating system will work on the hardware that can even be less advanced than the hardware available in the handsets in market today.

The Firefox OS will be a open source operating system and will allow third party developer to do application development.

The organization said that Firefox OS includes “all the things people need from a smartphone out of the box — calls, messaging, e-mail, camera and more,” in addition to built-in cost controls, social connections to Facebook and Twitter, location-based services, “a new ability to discover one-time user and downloadable apps,” and the Firefox browser

LG, ZTE, Sony and Huawei had shown interest in launching their handsets with Firefox OS. There is a chance the same could be launched in the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2013 meeting.  People are more interested since the Firefox OS is going to be open-source, low-cost operating system. Will this challenge the Android OS and get users attracted? We will come to know very soon.