8K Technology – Threat to 4K Technology?

Have you heard of 8K television so far? You must have visited our earlier article on 4K technology and the wonders in the screen resolution it brings. The 4K technology is not just confined to TV, but it has good impact on smartphones, tablets, cameras, projectors and even your personal computers. The latest trend is to telecast the contents in 4K format. While the TV channels around the world are still embracing the 4K technology, few TV channels like BBC is already considering upgrading the broadcasting with higher frame rates and with a wider colour spectrum so that the viewer can have life full experience on their 4K TV.

With eight million pixels, the 4K UHD TV gives clarity at a very minute detail. Pictures and video clips captured at HD quality can be viewed in greater detail.

As the technology is evolving, the size and price of the 4K TVs started reducing. The minimum size of the earlier version on 4K TV was 84-inch which is started getting smaller. The new 4K TVs are available from 55-inchescreen size. The new 4K TVs that Sony and LG are launching are of 64-inch and as the year pass on we could see further reduction in the size. The price has also shown a downward trend. Earlier prices in the range of £20,000 to £35,000 has now gone down considerably. Sony 64-inch 4K TV will now cost around £3,000. With this new standard, the set-top box up-gradation was the need of hour; some of us have already started looking into it.

While all this is happening in 4K technology, 8K technology is already at the door. The 8K technology is now becoming a reality. The 8K technology is going to offer 16 times the resolution of a full HD TV, with whopping 7680x 4320 or 33 million pixels on your screen. Although the big names in the TV screen manufacturing are yet to invent the screens with such a staggering resolution, it will be just a year or two they will start manufacturing it.

8K Technology

The 8K will have trickledown impact on the 4K TV prices and will increase competition. 4K was just new and everyone started thinking of buying it and now with 8K it seems that there is new thing on the horizon now. 8K technology will bring such a minute details so dense that it will be difficult for a human eye to make out a pixel from a picture.

The 8K technology will have its own challenges like the screen size and price, but those will be like the 4K technology initial days.

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