AAXA 3D LED Projector:720P Resolution,20k hour and 3D ready graphics processor

Recently got curious about a news by AAXA Technologies about release of the AAXA Showtime 3D LED Projector.

The AAXA Micro 3D LED Projector uses next generation Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) projection technology coupled with a high resolution 1280×800 DLP imager.

LED projectors work by directly injecting red, green, and blue light into the projection engine instead of relying on filtered white light. This is different from lamp based projectors. Typical lamp life announced is generally around 2000 to 3000 hours, more towards lower side.

AAXA SHOWTIME Micro 3D LED Projector
AAXA SHOWTIME Micro 3D LED Projector (source:AAXA)

LEDs give bigger 20,000 hour life-span which is significantly longer than a traditional lamp projector.   A replacement can typically set you back by $200. The AAXA Showtime 3D LED Projector is a full-featured entertainment projector in a micro projector size. It has a variety of input sources including HDMI (which is fairly standard these days) and VGA connections, a Composite Video input cable, and a USB memory stick slot for media playback. Outputs include a 3.5mm headphone jack and onboard 2 watt speakers. Check out image below:

LED showtime 3d micro projector ports
LED showtime 3d micro projector ports (Source:AAXA)

AAXA LED Micro Projector is currently priced at apx $500.

Like we had the old filament bulbs which are being phased out, some people still like the warm light it gave. Light bulbs using LEDs are fairly common. Ultimately it boils down to what YOU want – a lamp based projector which is bigger and at the moment gives better picture quality (in my opinion) or a LED Micro Projector. You decide. If you want to check out a LED model, do check out AAXXA 3D LED Projector.

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