Acer will release in 2013, six new smartphones

As the resource DigiTimes, citing the words of the President of Acer’s Jim Wong, in the following year, Acer is planning to bring to the markets six new models of Acer smartphones that will be presented in different market segments.

Acer smartphones

One of the new Acer smartphones will be running under the operating system Microsoft Windows Phone 8. All other new devices will be based on the platform of Google Android, Android OS version is not specified. For the most complete solution made for the use of dual-core processors from Qualcomm, and to create devices in primary and secondary levels will be used chipsets MediaTek. No details on the specifications prepared for release Acer smartphones were not disclosed.

Acer plans to boost sales of its smartphones with the establishment of sales channels, as well as through increased cooperation with mobile operators. Acer is also interested in increasing sales in emerging markets – in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and India. China plans to increase its sales in the early and mid-market, but it will not affect the segment of ultra-low-end solutions.

It also reported that build smartphones for Acer in 2013, the company will deal with many communication companies. So, we can say Acer smartphones could give the competition to other brands if Acer will make the standard of high end specs in their phone as Acer has pointed to Acer Windows Phone 8 which could be the another good beginning from Acer, so stay tuned for more updates.

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