Adobe refuses to support Windows XP in the next version of Photoshop

Adobe has officially stated that the current version of its software for graphics Photoshop CS6 (13.0) will be the last, has the support of the operating system Windows XP.

Adobe Photoshop CS
Thus, the owners of computers with Windows XP will not be able to install the next version of Adobe Photoshop. To use the new program you must need newer operating system.

It is noted that the current version of Photoshop CS6 demonstrated that, based on current operating systems, modern video accelerators, GPUs and graphics drivers, you can achieve significant improvements when using tools 3D, Blur Gallery and Lighting Effect. However, this functionality is not available for users of Windows XP. This is due to limitations obsolete platform.

Adobe says that the use of the benefits available on newer operating systems and hardware components, allows for better performance and to focus development efforts on innovation in areas that will provide the greatest benefits to the consumer. The development team believes that the advance warning of end users refuse to support an outdated operating system, it will provide them with the necessary information to enable the transition plan from Windows XP to newer versions of the OS. So, it is clear if you are using Windows XP then you will not be able to excess the next version of Adobe Photoshop CS7.

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